Flight operations at Hamburg Airport operating normally

Suspicion of repeat of gas incident not confirmed

13.02.2017 -

Today, Monday, 14 employees at Hamburg Airport’s central security checkpoint complained that they were feeling unwell. Passengers in the same area were not affected. The employees were immediately checked by German Red Cross personnel. The fire service sealed off the area and investigated. Nothing unusual could be determined or identified. Flight operations continued unimpaired whilst these measures were carried out. All flights departed and landed on time.


Background: On Sunday, 12 February, 2017, the terminals at Hamburg Airport had to be evacuated temporarily. Staff and passengers had complained of nausea at the central security checkpoint. Around 130 emergency services personnel from the fire service and the German Red Cross provided assistance to some 68 people. According to Hamburg’s police and fire service, an irritant gas had been released into the air within the terminals on Sunday and this was the probable cause of the breathing difficulties experienced.


After the incident, all personnel at Hamburg Airport were informed and made aware of precautions to be taken. The response to every suspected incident is given the highest priority by the emergency services.