Parking products for frequent flyers and business customers

Hamburg Airport has a wide variety of business products available for you. What product will you choose?

Credit card parking

Credit card parking

Use your company credit card for parking. The parking fee is charged to the company credit card directly when you leave. Receipts are automatically sent to the email address recorded in the system. An itemised statement of all parking in the previous month is available online for your bookkeeping.

Corporate parking

Corporate parking

The decision is yours! Would you prefer to use your company credit card or a contactless parking card? Advantages: Save having to walk to the payment machines. Parking fees are invoiced at the beginning of the following month. In addition to the invoice, you also receive an itemised list of all parking for your bookkeeping.

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Log-in for contract partners

Are you already a contract partner and want to find out about your billing? Just log in with your customer number to view recent months.


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