The management of all rental units, management and marketing of the advertising business, and all retail and food & beverage activities are included in the remit of the Center Management (FC) division. Responsibilities also include location marketing, guiding the joint marketing programme, awarding concessions for landside traffic, and the concept and rental of the new Air Cargo Center. Center Management has been led by Lutz Deubel since 01 January, 2012.

The division consists of the departments of Business Support (FC-B), Rentals (FC-V), Media & Events (FC-M) and Cargo (FC-C):


Business Support (FC-B)

The department deals with market research, location marketing, and management of the joint marketing programme. Other tasks include credit checking, customer surveys (non-passenger), and quality checking (mystery shopping). The department is led by Stefan Stark.

Cargo (FC-C)

As Head of Cargo, Alexander Müller is focussed on the rental and marketing of Hamburg Airport’s new Air Cargo Center.

Media & Events (FC-M)

The department deals with the marketing and rental of advertising media and promotional space along with the “Terminal Tango” venue.

The head of the department, Olaf Jürgens, is responsible for business development, the introduction of new advertising media, cooperative projects, partnerships, and the management of major projects and key customer accounts. As spokesperson for the Initiative Airport Media, he represents the interests of the initiative’s members to the outside world. The aim is to achieve an optimal positioning of airport media in relation to other media, and to strengthen airport advertising with marketing activities extending beyond the local scope.

Rentals (FC-V)

The marketing and rental of all rental properties at Hamburg Airport are the responsibility of this department, led by Julian Felke. When allocating space to retail, travel, service, and food & beverage sectors, particular attention is paid to issues that enhance the location, such as an attractive mix of segments.


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