LLOYD opens innovative concept store at Hamburg Airport

LLOYD opens innovative concept store at Hamburg Airport

Passengers can shop for premium shoes and accessories at the airport and then simply have them delivered to their homes

11.06.2018 -

Shopping at Hamburg Airport — even more variety and flexibility The Sulingen-based shoe manufacturer, LLOYD, opened an innovative concept store in the security-controlled area near gate A17 at the end of May. The shop, in the fashion label’s design, has no stock storage. After on-site advice from personnel, passengers can order their choice of shoes, bags, belts and other leathergoods using their own mobile device or the LLOYD iPad — for home delivery.

“The LLOYD concept store opens up completely new shopping possibilities for our passengers,” says Lutz Deubel, Head of Center Management at Hamburg Airport. “While they wait for their flight at the gate, they can now browse through the extensive range and find out about the latest fashion. Thanks to online ordering, they don’t lose flexibility once they have made their choice. They don’t have to carry any additional bags. And their newest purchases will be waiting for them when they get home. The concept is perfect for our airport. Implementing this store without a need for stock storage is a sensible move for both sides.”

A self-service station is also planned for the future, to complement the ordering via mobile devices. This will provide an alternative way for customers to order the diverse range of products for home delivery.

Because this innovative shopping concept is a pilot project for both the airport and LLOYD, it will initially be operated for one year, during which time experience and customer feedback will be gathered.